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Tools Used for our Service

OUT e. V. is a privately run internet provider located in germany. We target mostly people who want to look behind the scenes of internet technology. This page collects some of the tools we use to run our system.


JailTool is a script to create chroot jails easily. It is driven by simple .jail files that define how the jail should look like. It can make use of Perl CPAN .packlist files and Debian package information. The jail is copied from the base system, the amount of copied data can be configured. You can always download the current stable version as jailtool.tar.gz.

All available versions are linked here:

About the Author

I have other sites running with different stuff. Go here for my old (mostly outdated) homepage. Or go here for my photography related info pages (german). Or here for my photo album or here for my Leica related pages (all german).

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